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Each submission is analyzed by up to 10 industry experts. The AutographCOA authentication team has decades of combined experience, obtaining hundreds of thousands of in person autographs.

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Autographs are typically inspected within 48 hours. Mailed-in items can be physically inspected and certified within 3 days.

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Verify the authenticity of autographs without spending a small fortune. You can save even more with bulk submission!

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What ACOA can authenticate:

Our experts and consultant team has decades of combined personal experience in entertainment, music, and political autographs. We offer services exclusively within these fields, based on our team's knowledge and insight gained over many years of hard work. Please review the list of what we will authenticate:

  • Modern Autographs
  • Celebrity & Entertainment Autographs
  • Music Autographs
  • Political Autographs
  •   No Sports Autographs
  •   No Vintage Autographs

"AutographCOA delivers industry-best authentication services to modern celebrity and music autograph collectors and fans, driven by our unmatchable experience and knowledge of entertainment autographs."

Justin Steffman, Principal Authenticator at

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Online Pre-Certification Starting at $5.00

The first step to full authentication. Upload images of your autographs to ACOA for online authentication. Your submissions will be individually examined alongside a master database of authentic examplars by our team of experts.

1 to 10 experts will review every submission.
Response within 48 hours.
Online "Pre-Certified" Certificate of Authenticity Created in ACOA Database *
Eligible for Mail-In Upgrade (See: Step 2) *

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Tamper-Proof Sticker Mail-In Upgrade Starting at $5.00

Top-level authentication. Upgrade your Online Certificate using Mail-In authentication to have your items physically inspected and stickered.

Physical inspection and finalized authentication.
Tamper-proof sticker is applied to your item. *
Online COA is upgraded to Full Certificate of Authenticity with matching sticker #. *
Processed within 3 days.

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Fast Opinion $5.00

Find out if autographs online appear to be authentic before you make purchases. Our Fast Opinion service will tell you if an autograph is Likely Authentic or Not Likely Authentic.

1 to 5 experts will review your submission.
Response within 24 hours.

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