AutographCOA (ACOA)

Certificate of Authenticity

ACOA Online Pre-Certification #PC96160

Date Submitted May 24, 2021
Signed By Vince Gill
Product Type Guitar

* Mail-In Upgrade Recommended

This item has been reviewed and Pre-Certified Online Only by ACOA. The signature(s) on this item were authenticated as genuine, based on our professional review of the online scan/photograph. Notwithstanding, ACOA highly recommends additionally upgrading this item using our Mail-In Authentication service to finalize a physical inspection of the item. This will also assure that the item is not a facsimile, reproduction, or preprint signature. Upon confirmation, the item will then be affixed with a tamper-proof sticker and this COA will be upgraded to a full COA.

Thank you for choosing AutographCOA for your authentication needs.


Justin Steffman
CEO, Lead Authenticator
AutographCOA (ACOA)

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